Cow Donation to Widows from Ruhango

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First of all, we thank the Lord for giving us generous partners who care for the vulnerable widows of the genocide. These have donated three cows. In the Rwandan tradition and culture, a cow is the most valuable gift that we give to a friend or somebody else.

On the 27 November 2015, three members of SHALOM Ministries, have been selected in Ruhango district, Southern Province, and given three cows.

These widows had built cow-houses and planted grass for cows with the hope of getting one someday.

Fortunately, they have been selected by other members to be beneficiaries. The cows that have been bought produce 10 liters of milk per day.


They will benefit both, milk and organic fertilizers increase their agricultural products, they have promised us to take care of them so that they produce a lot of milk.

The beneficiaries are very glad and thankful to their sponsors.

When these cows produce babies, they will be given to other fellow members. It will be a chain of helping one another.



Testimonies to the beneficiaries

k-Cow 1




Genevieve is a widow of the genocide whose parents and family members have been killed during the 1994 genocide. She has two children. Since the end of the genocide, she has struggled to survive but it was impossible for her to buy a cow. She had not got the chance of being offered a cow from anybody ever though she wanted it. She had built a cow house and planted grass for cow praying to get a miracle of getting a cow.








k-Cow 2.1




Xavérine is a widow of the genocide too. She is a mother of 4 children, 3 boys and one girl. One child as well as other family members have been killed during the genocide. Like Genevieve, she had also planted grass and built a cow-house waiting for a miracle. To own a cow was her dream. She could not understand how kind the Lord has been to her. That was beyond her understanding.





k-Cow 3




Salome is also a widow of the genocide. She has six children. She has built a cow-house and planted grass for cow too, believing that somebody could offer her a cow but not knowing from where. She has thanked Lord that her prayer have been answered.




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