Shalom members were recognized to have been promoting for Unity , Reconciliation and family promotion

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Two women ,widows and  members of Shalom ministries were recognized and awarded certificates by The National Chancellery for Heroes  in Rwanda during Heroes day celebration.The certificates were handed to them by local government as the recognition of their hardworking spirit to promote unity ,reconciliation,healing ,forgiveness and peace building within the communities they live in.

Local government officials said that  this recognition was due to the efforts of Shalom members to help others be reunited ,reconciled,healed through different approaches they used.They continued saying that the two  genocide widows have been agents of community transformation where they live.

The two widows say that they have been healed their wounds by Shalom ministries  and they decided to spread the good message from the organisation to the other neighbors and people  surrounding them.Not only this but also they invest a lot in family conflicts management.


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