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Poverty comes in many guises. At the very root of poverty is lost hope which dashes dreams. Poverty is more than just the lack of material possessions; it is also the lack of choice, family care, love etc.
A sense of fatalism often breeds in communities where the poor are led to believe that there is nothing they can do to change the situation in which they live. Poverty is induced and reinforced by a number of factors including war, natural disasters, unfair trading practices, slave labor, and social prejudice. Poverty is also a sure sign of the broken world in which we live, where greed and injustice cripple and hopelessness pervades. Children do not cause the wars in which they fight and die.
May be God chosen you today to be an instrument of bringing hope to the hurting world and to deliver the word of comfort to the wounded and poor children. Children are the leaders of tomorrow; let us give them all they need to be great people in the Future. We don’t know what the Almighty is planning for their future but we should be channels of reaching their destiny.

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