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In Africa, over 57% children were born to unmarried mothers as a result of pre-marital sex. In the Rwandan culture, pregnancy before marriage is like a taboo. Pre-marital sex in teenagers is one of the big challenges we are facing in this generation. In SHALOM MINISTRIES (SHAM), we carried out counseling and training sessions for young mothers who were rejected by their families just because they gave birth before marriage.
Some of them got pregnant in secondary schools and dropped out after giving birth, as they didn’t have anyone to look after their new born babies. Others were house maids and they always thought of killing the babies. They became homeless and none would trust them with another job.
Using the holistic approach, SHAM tried to teach them how to change their behaviors and start new lives with their babies through starting small businesses which can make them independent financially. They were also educated about their reproductive health and the consequences of pre-marital sex. They accepted to change their behaviors and to forgive the people who rejected them because they were also unaware of how to take care of young mothers.
All of them have prayer wishes of getting support so that they should go back to schools others want to study in VTC (Vocational training Center) and running their small businesses. As we are not able to support them in all angles we are still praying and believe that God will open many doors to bless them.
As we want to be agents of godly transformation in our society, we prayed for them to be sustained in the Christianity journey they started after the training and counseling sessions.

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