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Rwanda is one of the countries which celebrate Christmas as a Christian country. The times of Christmas in Rwanda are the times of enjoying and attending Church services in different areas of the country. Many families sit together and share food and drinks and for Christian families, they testify what the Lord has done in the whole year, then they set goals for the coming year.
In SHALOM MINISTRIES, every year we take time to celebrate with our members from all local groups in the country. It is a good time to fellowship together, share food and drinks as well as testimonies.
In 2019 we celebrated together with our groups and we have found that God is blessing us more than before because in some of our groups, the number of young people has increased. We also took time of sharing the Word of God about Love as the theme, and we focused on 1Corinthians 13, Acts 4:32 “all the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.” We gave clothes and food to the widows and most vulnerable people in all local groups, so that they can share with their families during Christmas time. They couldn’t afford it on their own.
Many people took time to give testimonies of what God has done for them through SHALOM and said how they were hopeless and how there is no one who could invite them to share with them food and drinks during this season. But now they thank God for the opportunity they got through SHALOM where they come and eat together, sing together and have time to give their testimonies, which is one of the keys of healing.
In all groups, we closed by praying for different requests and we prayed for the year of 2020, asking God to intervene in all plans of SHALOM as He started with us.

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