Historical background

Shalom Ministries (SHAM) is a membership organization of more than four hundred fifty interdenominational members. It started as Ministry on September 13th, 2008.
However, before officially becoming a ministry, just after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, SHAM started as a group of widows which were already actively working since the murderers targeted mainly men and boys, few survivors of the genocide were predominantly widows and orphaned children… As a result, the after-genocide period was very sorrowful dominated by mourning, weeping, loneliness, anger, despair, and especially intense hatred towards the assassins. Attempting to overcome numerous challenges of that terrible and hopeless time, a group of genocide widows located in Kigali met often after work and shared their stories and feelings. They met also for crying and shouting, and to insult the killers of their family members. Each survivor was trying to cope with her trauma in her own way. Some widows had begun taking sleeping pills, while others used alcohol or drugs. Some turned to immoral relationships, and some isolated themselves and also discussed some solutions including comforting each other’s. From that sorrowful experience, was born an idea to establish a charity to support hopeless widows and orphans across the country and help them restore their hope and embark to a reconciliation and healing process. They gradually found inner peace in their broken hearts which lead to healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Today Shalom charity includes couples, youth and children, representing different categories and all social classes.

Our VISION     

Shalom Ministries vision is to become an instrument of peace of God to the many broken-hearted.


Shalom Ministries mission is to restore the hope of living in peace and supporting economic and social development.



k-SAM_3082Name: NDUWIMANA Drocella

Position: Founder and Coordinator

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since November 1994

How Shalom changed my life: After losing my husband and family during the genocide, I was in despair; I blamed God and asked Him why I was still alive. I did not have time to mourn for my husband and my family members who were killed during genocide. I was asking myself how I can restart my life alone. I had hate and anger to the killers and I was thinking that I cannot forgive them. When I went to my church, if the pastors taught about the forgiveness, I was not comfortable.

When I returned to my job, I met other survivors, most of them widows. We met together to tell our stories to one another, to cry and shout, and to insult the killers of our family members

From that sorrow situation, I started Shalom Ministries with two widows where God heals my wounds and restore my life.

I found my lost peace; Shalom Ministries became my best family, I forget my loneliness. After experiencing this healing, I was able to forgive the people who murdered my husband and family.

Through Shalom Ministries, I have come to know Jesus more deeply than before. I am healed, have forgiven the killers, and am able to contribute to the rebuilding of my country by helping to promote unity and reconciliation.


k-IMG-20160531-WA0000Name: Jeanne Mujawamariya

Position: Founder of Shalom Ministries

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since November 1994

How Shalom Ministries changed my life: Jehova shalom saved my life when I was hopeless, burdened and weary after losing my husband, parents and siblings during the genocide. We started meeting when we were three people, and ever since then, my life changed. God filled me with joy, I thought I was never going to experience again, because I thought my dead family was my joy. Jesus has been good to me, he gave me joy and rest when I thought all hope was lost. As it says in Mathew 11:28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Thank you Jesus for being my all.




Position: Founder of Shalom Ministries

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since November 1994

How Shalom Ministries changed my life: After the death of my husband, I was separated from my kids and I was very traumatized. I cried all night. After the genocide, we moved in to our house which we had started building before the genocide, though it was not complete. We had started Shalom Ministries with my fellow 3 widows, our lives were bitter. Through Shalom, I get salvation, peace, healing and joy. I forgave the killers. Now, I live in peace with everyone. I thank God that at the end he blessed me and Shalom Ministries is now my family, I am very happy to be one of the founders of Shalom Ministries.  Now I am an ordained pastor in the Nazarene Church International/ Rwanda. My two children have grown up, and one graduated from university. Praise God!


k-Papa Shalom


Position: President

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since 1996

How Shalom Ministries changed my life: First of all Shalom Ministries gave me the opportunity to grow spiritually and to serve the Lord among vulnerable groups including wounded women who had lost their spouses during genocide and it was too early, I learned how to deal with such people. Though sporadically God availed some males but for long time I was the only man in the group of women and I was married. I faced a number of discouragements but I stood firm. I discovered potentials that women have even when they are in a weak position.

Secondly, Shalom Ministry has been like our family as we were new in that area, we found a small group of people with large hearts who integrated us with love, care and openness, at the beginning we lived like the first disciples that most of the time, we shared lunch and supper among Shalom members when we were still a small group. The fact that every Shalom member feels accountable to other members, it prevented us to feel lonely and we do our best to keep Shalom’s image clean.

As we share feelings, material things and advisors, I recall that one period we all committed to resilient that I decided to go back to school as I had not finished high school, I went back to school at old age, father of 2 children. From that decision my life and my family changed and I feel confident, which is not the case before. From Shalom Ministries I learned to be positive.

Glory to the Lord



Name:  Marcelline MUHIMAKAZI

Position: Vice President

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since 1999

How Shalom changed my life: Shalom Ministries changes my life, because I was like someone who attended the service of church only and I thought I was a good Christian because I was not a drinker, not adultery and no other hard sins; but I was sinner.

On the date I met Shalom in prayer group I noticed that I was sinner and God forgave me.

Shalom Ministries helped  me to grow in the word of God and taught me how to pray to God from year 1999 up to now. I continued to grow in the word of God. I have a happiness, hope and joy because I have Jesus as my savior.

I consider Shalom like my second family. I am honored to be one of the Shalom members.




Name: Uwimana Damien

Positon: Treasurer

Member of Shalom Ministries: Since 1997

How Shalom Ministries changed my life: Before I met the widows of Shalom I was angry about the church, the people and god. During Genocide I was in Congo and I didn’t lose my wife or my children like many others did, but I was angry about what happened in Rwanda and I lost my believe. But when I met some widows of Shalom, who lost their whole family, survived the horror of the genocide and still believe in God, I started to change my mind. We prayed together and I after a short time I believed again. They showed me how to forgive and to love God.


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