“Become a sponsor – change a life“

Sponsorships are a unique chance to change a life. Shalom Ministries has many members which need a lot of support. Especially the children of Shalom Ministries deserve a chance to education and a better life. In Cooperation with Iriba Shalom International we developed a sponsorship-program to help the neediest members of Shalom Ministries. If you are interested to support one of the following children, please write a E-Mail to Iriba Shalom International e. V. (iriba.shalom.international@gmail.com) with the name and the children’s ID. The monthly donation is 30 € and you are welcome to stay in contact with your godchild through letters or even a visit.

SM 01 LetitziaSM 02 FrancoiseSM 04 Godefroid SM 05 Celestin SM 06 FabriceSM 07 King DavidSM 09 BlaiseSM 10 DivineSM 11 CynthiaSM 13 JoyceSM 14 Kelly DivineSM 15 Mahoro AlineSM 16 SylvesterSM 17 Beni LionelSM 18 AlexiSM 19 Kevin