Kinyinya Village
Widows and orphans in Kinyinya village were visited in order to comfort them. They were provided corn flour, rice, beans, sugar, cooking oil and other hygienic materials such as soap, basins, etc…, They thanked us and expressed their happiness that there are people who care for them especially in this very hard period when we remember our loved ones who were killed in 1994 .


School materials
Some children of Shalom Ministries come from poor households. In order to carry the burdens for one another, Shalom Ministries provides school materials (notebooks, pens, tooth paste, soap, etc…) and transportation fees for needy students.


There are baskets waved by other Shalom members for the same purpose of generating income. And they make other handcrafts such us traditional necklace.


Reproductive health
Teenagers get trained on reproductive health so that they may know how to behave responsible and avoid falling into temptations such as getting pregnant or contacting sexually transmitted infections (STI).


Peace building
Shalom Ministries trains their members on Peace building and Unity and Reconciliation.