Christmas 2016:Shalom Ministries celebrated Christmas with its members

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Every  year , Shalom Ministries organizes a Christmas party for its members located in different areas in Rwanda.As usual,the same organization organized Christmas festivities  in Ruhango Southern province,Rwamagana Eastern province and Kigali city. This Christmas parties were characterized by food sharing,evangelism and  different donations among others.SHAM members were excited to celebrate such an amazing Christmas […]

Shalom Ministries supported SHAM members small projects and seeds donations before the beginning of sowing term.

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Shalom Ministries in its program of empowering its members to tackle poverty problems, visited Ruhango  and Kigali SHAM and donated to them different donations in different fields. Some were given  small trade projects support especially in an Agribusiness. Whereby two people were given two cows and 96 members of SHAM RUHANGO have been given 1300 […]

Shalom Ministries in partnership with Iriba Shalom paid Health insurances to 489 vulnerable members.

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Shalom Ministries Rwanda visited and donated Health insurances to 489  vulnerable members  in Eastern ,Southern province and  and Kigali City. Shalom members of Ruhango  shared different testimonies, where genocide survivors and genocide criminals are now united after a long journey of reconciliation through Shalom Ministries approaches mainly word of God,and community integrated development activities. Beneficiaries […]

Shalom Ministries helped me to recover joy in life – Colette MUKANDOLI

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My name is Mukandoli Colette. I am from a family of 8 (3 brothers, 5 sisters). Unlikely many students from the Tutsi ethnic group at that time of “iringaniza” (the discrimination that prevented Tutsi students from going on with secondary studies) I managed to finish high school. Then I married Ruterana Jean-Marie Vianney. During the […]

“Become a sponsor – change a life”

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“Become a sponsor – change a life” Sponsorships are a unique chance to change a life. Shalom Ministries has many members which need a lot of support. Especially the children of Shalom Ministries deserve a chance to education and a better life. In Cooperation with Iriba Shalom International we developed a sponsorship-program to help the […]